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LOCATION: Point Blank, Texas
is in San Jacinto County, Texas.
The Zip Code is: 77364

Point Blank, Texas is located at the junction of U.S. Highway 190 and State Highway 156, on the NW side of Lake Livingston, approximately eighty-five miles north of Houston.



The City of Point Blank became Incorporated in 1975 when the Community voted for recognition and filed for the establishment of the city. The origin of Point Blank dates to the 1840’s when several families from the southern United States settled the area after Texas won its independence from Mexico. The town’s unusual name has long intrigued visitors. Some believe it originated with gunfighters who tended to shoot their foes at close range; others attribute it to the bluntness of the early settlers’ disposition; but it actually got its name from Florence Dissesway, a French governess and relative of the Colonel R. J. Robinson family, who came to San Jacinto in the 1840’s.  She called the settlement “Point Blanc” (white point). The name appealed to the community’s residents but they tended to “Texanize” the French term and mispronounce and misspell “Blanc” as “Blank.”  When a post office opened in 1884, the local spelling was used. Point Blank’s most famous resident was probably George T. Wood, who served as Texas’ second governor 1847-49.  As Governor of Texas, Wood is credited with starting the state library in Texas, the establishment of public schools, and the penitentiary system in Huntsville. Wood, a native Georgian who fought with Sam Houston in the Creek Indian Wars, owned a large plantation in San Jacinto County, then part of Liberty County, and reared his family at Point Blank. He described the area as “a primeval forest abounding in wild game.” When he died in 1858, his wife ordered the body interred in a small family hillside cemetery on the plantation.   A State historical marker about Gov. Wood was placed near the entrance to the cemetery in 1970 on the present-day property of the Point Blank Community Church, who still maintains the family cemetery.Today, Point Blank remains a small community on the northwest shores of Lake Livingston. Fishing, sailing, bird watching, and other water sports and recreational activities are very important to us. As in Governor Wood’s day, the area is heavily wooded and borders near the Sam Houston National Forest with hiking and biking trails. Some ranching is in our community. Our local neighborhoods are made up mostly of retirees, weekenders and working commuters.

City Information


Mayor:   Mark T. Wood, (term expires 05/19)

 Alderman Place #2:  Mel Basham, (term expires 05/20) 

Alderman Place #1: Roy Tipton, (term expires 05/20) 

Alderman Place #3:  Larry Gumpert, ( term expires 05/20) 

Alderman Place #4: Chuck King, (term expires 05/19) 

Alderman Place #5: Paul Singleton, (term expires 05/19) 

Secretary:  Kelly Hoot

Contact Information

The City of Point Blank Office is located in the Point Blank Civic Center.

Office Telephone Number:  936-377-2899

FAX Number:  936-377-2900

Physical Location: 101 S. Counts Road, Point Blank, Texas 77364 


P. O. Box 479, Point Blank, Texas 77364



The city requires a permit for signs. The Billboard sign permit may be obtained from the Point Blank Civic Center.

The City of Point Blank requires a license to sell beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

The City Council meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 P. M. (the agenda for the meetings are posted at the EXXON station on the corner of Highway 190 and South Counts Rd; the community bulletin board outside the Point Blank Civic Center and on the City's web site (cityofpointblank.com)).

Up Coming Events

July 2018

4  City Holiday:  Independence Day

10   6:30 pm City of Point Blank:  City Council Meeting

August 2018

3   10:00 am to 12:00 pm Houston Food Bank Truck will be at the Point Blank Civic Center 101 S. Counts Rd, Point Blank, Texas

13    6:30 pm City of Point Blank:  City Council Meeting 

September 2018

3   City Holiday:  Labor Day

10    6:30 pm City of Point Blank:  City Council Meeting 

Contact Us

City of Point Blank, Texas

101 S. Counts Rd, Pointblank, Texas 77364, United States

Office: (936) 377-2899 FAX: (936)-377-2900


Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a. m. - 1:00 p.m. 

Friday-Sunday: Closed